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  • ZHONGLI CO., LTD, based in Beiliu, GuangXi province, was the corporation which manufactures and exports high quality Porcelain.
  • “ZHONGLI” found in 1997. After 16 years’ development, company has exceeded ¥150 million sales in 2007.
  • “ZHONGLI” inherits the traditional ceramic craftsmanship of Song Dynasty and gathers the new manufacturing technology from all over the world.
  • “ZHONGLI” keeps its production principle ' newer, better, value, quality ' to produce the high standard grade Porcelain for people's lives.
  • Every year, nearly 30 counties, 400 Co., make orders with us around the world. Clients around the globe enjoy more than 300 products and the famous products brand including: Western Style Dinnerware; Oriental Style Dinnerware; Tea Set; Hotel & Restaurant Ware; gift ware and Family Microware. The choice material, unique modeling, novel decal, and the superior quality products have been highly praised and evaluation by the clients.
  • “ZHONGLI” has 3000 staffs and Within the concept of ' establishing the market by quality and taking the foundational credits as a main subject.
  • “ZHONGLI” would like to sincerely cooperate with all clients worldwide to develop the international porcelain culture together.
  • ZHONGLI owns export rights and FDA(Food and Drug Administration) and awarded ISO9001(Quality System Certificate).
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