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Trade Terms
1.All FOB prices do not include Origin Receiving Charge (O.R.C.)

2.Different shipping companies, different ports have different policies on ORC charges. Some shipping companies do not charge ORC, some charge USD 45.-, some charge USD 105.- and some charge USD 141.- per 20". In order to offer you our most competitive price, we do not include the ORC charge on FOB price. If your shipping company charges the ORC, we will charge you, if they don’t, then we will not charge you ORC.

3. Price is based on full container load per shipment, extra charge for small order.

4. If 1 container fills with more than 1 commodity, extra custom declaration charge USD 250.- per commodity will be for buyer’s account. Example: 1x20" with ceramic & stainless steel cutlery = 2 commodities, buyer have to pay USD250.

Small order terms

Order less than 1x20", or 1x20" fill many items & most items order by minimum quantity are treated as small order and extra cost increase, we accept small order with below charges (per shipment) for buyer’s account

1. Small order handling charge USD300 or more.

2. C.O. or GSP FormA charge USD35.

3. Document fee, handling fee levied by shipping company USD30-USD50.

4. ORC or CFS charges levied by shipping company USD24/CBM (approx.)

5. Custom declaration USD125.

Sample terms

1. Most samples are free of charge, but courier charge must be for buyer’s account by advance payment.

2. Samples will be sent subject to advance payment to cover the courier charge by Cash Note at USD 10 per piece (minimum).

3. You are pleased to instruct your courier company to pick up samples in our Shanghai, China office at your expenses. For pick-up details, please advise your courier company to contact us at tel 0086 775 6224887

4. Delivery time 3-10 working days.

Payment terms

1. 30-50% deposit by T/T, balance amount to be paid 7 days before delivery.

2. By irrevocable L/C at sight, to be issued immediately against confirmed order.

3. By L/C 30 days, with 1% bank interest at buyer’s account.

4. Payment by T/T, if order amount is less than USD 10,000.

Other sales terms

1. Label charge: To put label with label size 2x3 cm on the products, extra cost USD 0.004/PC and minimum USD40 per design of label.

2. Insurance (excluding breakage) premium is 1% based on invoice value, minimum insurance premium is USD100.

Certificate terms

1. On buyer’s request for more than one (1) C.O. or Form A per container shipment, extra charge USD 35. - per document will be added.

2. Lead Certificate for ceramic: extra charge USD 100.- per certificate. Each certificate indicates one item one decoration.

3. Certificate for wood/ rattan product: extra charge USD 100.- per certificate.

4. All prices do not include Legalization/ Certification Fee.

Mold charge terms

1. Sample mold charge for most porcelain items are USD150-USD300 per model, which are 50-100% refund after order USD10000, courier charge excluded.

2. Sample mold charge for decal paper is USD20-USD300 per design, which are 100% refund after order USD10000, courier charge excluded.

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